Corporate Training
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The evolution of the business world from the industrial age to the information age gave us downsizing followed by outsourcing. Thanks to the internet, we are heading closer and closer to an efficient global community of independent freelance professionals, where we are all on each other's teams.

But we’re not there yet. Many people still have an "industrial age mentality" from growing up in an antiquated education system which makes them psychologically unprepared for anything different. The resulting chaos consists of people applying for the wrong jobs instead of marketing their natural skills and talents.

The Corporate Training Division of Dayan Productions Limited provides your company with training designed to increase both the personal and corporate bottom lines by enhancing job performance. Individuals learn to recognize their unique talents and develop recognized skills, and with the cooperation of your Human Resource Department, they move from the wrong job into the right job. Each training module for a specialized area of expertise is extended into the wider context of your company’s vision. Consequently, your company discovers that you have replaced an inefficient workforce with a highly productive team, ironically comprised of the same people.

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